Capture all the action and reaction with GoPro Hero cameras and MULE. It’s versatile, quick to set up, easy to use and goes where others can’t. Use one camera or two with adhesive mounts, suction cups, cable ties, velcro ties or whatever your imagination requires!

A very curious squirrel. Using a Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted via MULE to the rail using a veclro strap. Easy, peasy.

Using MULE, connect your GoPro directly to the suspension of your favorite off road rig.

Two MULES were hand-held at the water line to capture this moment.

A Hero 4 is mounted to a MULE for stability and placed on the green.

A MULE mount with two cameras was cable tied to the roll bar of the priceless race car as it lapped Willow Springs.

Horsing around on the golf course.

Kids at the beach in Monterey, CA. Capture with two Heros and the GoPro 3-way mount.

The MULE attached directly to the scooter handlebar.

The ’68 Camaro at Laguna Seca. Captured with a MULE and GoPro.

Yes, the MULE works on skimboards. Not too shabby.

We imagine Ping Pong would be awesome if the competitors were any good. (Actually, they are. These are outtakes)