Easy to use.

MULE is versatile. It works as a stand alone mount for one or two GoPro® cameras. Use it hand-held for selfies or POV shots. Connect with GoPro third party mounts and accessories (like poles and suction cups) and the shooting options are nearly endless. Plus, with GoPro pivot arms, the cameras can be set to nearly any angle. You’ll never miss that once-in-a-lifetime action shot.

Mule_HandheldDouble  Mule_Compatability  Mule_Tripod

Mounts anywhere.

Get creative and mount it with cable ties, velcro or whatever your imagination dreams ups. The patent-pending design includes unique rubberized grips with a “V” groove for stable placement on flat or curved surfaces like bike frames, roll bars, nerf bars and more. Whether one camera or two MULE can be quickly secured to large objects. And with it’s compact form, getting two cameras into tight spaces is a snap!

Mule_NerfCableTies  Mule_BikeForks  Mule_SuctionFender

Patent-pending and made to last in USA.

Made of strong ABS and santoprene and endlessly tested for durability. Mule is designed, engineered + proudly made in California, USA. Thanks for looking.

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