Get all your MULE GoPro images here. MULE is super-versatile and ready for anything. Whether you use the all-new 3-way mount, adhesive mounts, the body board mount, a tripod, bicycle mount, pole, roll bar mount or nothing at all, MULE is a go-to accessory ensuring you capture all the once-in-a-lifetime action. Mounting is limited only by your imagination – diving, off road, skateboarding, snow sports, racing. You name it and MULE is ready to capture the entire experience from nearly any angle. Sure, one angle is good. But MULE is better!


  • Outta nuts. Still curious. MULE attached via Velcro strap.

    MULE outdoors

    MULE, with it’s rubber feet is usable on just about any unique or irregular surface. With a little imagination you can get the perfect set up!

  • Front Tire

    MULE off road

    The unique, patent pending MULE with its V-groove means you can mount your GoPro in never-before-possible places.

  • Losing the floaties

    MULE swims

    Above water. Under water. Can’t decide? Do both. At once. MULE captures it all.

  • Must have gear includes paddle, balls, Ram mount, GoPro cameras and a MULE!

    MULE plays ping pong

    The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is fully documented with your GoPro and MULE.

  • Scuba_TankRegulator

    MULE goes diving

    With the wide range of underwater GoPro videography rigs available, MULE is perfect for diving.

  • K1_RearBumperCombo

    MULE karts

    Between track events with the big vintage race cars we film all our karting track days too!  

  • MULE on Trek front forks

    MULE rides a bike

    From 4 wheels to 2, MULE adjusts filming locations easily.

  • Hero3 + MULE captures an incredible shot. Club = Cobra. Ball = Bridgestone.

    MULE plays golf

    When we’re not looking to race, we’re attempting to play a little golf with our MULE.    

  • MULE aboard the 1968 #6 Penske Camaro at Laguna Seca.

    MULE at the track

    This subject is near and dear to us. It’s the whole reason we created MULE for GoPro in the first place. More to come….      

  • The sketch that started it all.

    MULE the idea

    We thought you might like to see how far this project has come!