MULE outdoors

Hiking, biking, camping and more.

  • Outta nuts. Still curious. MULE attached via Velcro strap.

    MULE outdoors

    MULE, with it’s rubber feet is usable on just about any unique or irregular surface. With a little imagination you can get the perfect set up!

  • Front Tire

    MULE off road

    The unique, patent pending MULE with its V-groove means you can mount your GoPro in never-before-possible places.

  • Losing the floaties

    MULE swims

    Above water. Under water. Can’t decide? Do both. At once. MULE captures it all.

  • Must have gear includes paddle, balls, Ram mount, GoPro cameras and a MULE!

    MULE plays ping pong

    The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is fully documented with your GoPro and MULE.

  • Scuba_TankRegulator

    MULE goes diving

    With the wide range of underwater GoPro videography rigs available, MULE is perfect for diving.

  • MULE on Trek front forks

    MULE rides a bike

    From 4 wheels to 2, MULE adjusts filming locations easily.

  • Hero3 + MULE captures an incredible shot. Club = Cobra. Ball = Bridgestone.

    MULE plays golf

    When we’re not looking to race, we’re attempting to play a little golf with our MULE.    

  • mulesite_skimboardTop_719

    MULE skims

    Mule on the classic Sandy Beach skimboard by John Alford.